“Your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great people” Proverbs 18:16

Tapping into the power of you is simply being plugged into your Source, your Creator. God created the earth and everything under the sun. You were created and placed here on earth for a specific reason and that reason is called PURPOSE.

I have some questions for you that will confirm and provide further clarification and undeniable evidence that you’re in the right place for YOU! Take “The Who Am I?”  Survey here:

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If you answered the survey questions honestly and hit submit when you’re ready to get unstuck and level up! Realization, admitting and confessing your need for help is the first step to seeing progress

Work your PURPOSE for others and God will work it for you!

Your personal God-given goals and dreams can be a reality, but you have to be willing to do the work for it. I can help you dig deep into the depths of your soul and pull out the greatness within, so you’re able to see results in your life you desire.  

You’re Not Alone!

I know it looks foggy and unrealistic from your perspective right now. Does it help to know that I truly understand where you are because I have been there? Yes, I have lived it and CONQUERED it! Let me show you how.  No, I didn’t quit my job, I don’t have that testimony but I do have one to tell you of how God took the “job” from me so I could work full time in my “ career” as a Purpose Coach. Trust me, everything you are experiencing right now is a part of the plan, a path to your true purpose. God doesn’t allow things to happen to us by chance, only on purpose.

What’s really holding you back now?

Is it finances? Yeah, I used to use that excuse too! I would quit on my purpose every time my finances appeared as if I couldn’t afford to invest until I really got serious about it. Then, I realized it was as simple as making a commitment to myself. I’m worth every investment so I made it happen!

Don’t give up on your vision, dreams, and goals before God can begin to manifest all He has in store for you. Maybe you are aware or have a feeling of your divine purpose but need this guidance, a plan of action and the accountability offered to you by me as a mentor and coach to give you that extra push. Well, I’m here for you. Call me your Personal Virtual Accountability Partner. I am dedicated to taking this journey with you all the way.  I’m ready to help you take your life from ordinary to extraordinary on purpose.

 Fabulously VIP: Personalized 1-On-1 Coaching     

(The Fabulously VIP program is in high demand and my calendar fills up very fast so get in quickly!)                                                                                                                

Everyone likes to be treated with importance! The Fabulously VIP Program is none other than the “Personal Touch” which is designed to remind you of how fabulous you already are while treating you with very intentional priority. You will have the comfort and benefit of working with me 1-on-1 for 3 Months.

Here’s what you can expect in your Fabulously VIP Program:                 

  • Weekly 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching/strategy sessions
  • 2 Face to face virtual coaching sessions per month (exceptions available for urgent issues only)
  • Personalized homework assignments to ensure you remain on task with your goals 
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Interactive Character and Confidence Building Workbook
  • Personal Goal Setting Worksheet and Workbook
  • Accountability Check-Ups
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Updates
  • 15% Discount on other select Products, Services, Webinars, Workshops and Seminars
  • 24/7 Q&A via e-mail
  • Unlimited Resources on living a purpose-driven lifestyle

After working with me you will have:

  • Mastered Self-Discovery & Awareness
  • Developed High Level Belief & Confidence in who you are
  • Regained your Passion for life
  • Discovered your gifts and abilities
  • Developed the momentum for activating your gifts and abilities
  • Developed Clarity on a vision for your life
  • Discovered your divine purpose in life
  • Developed a strategic plan of action for walking in your purpose
  • Identified your Personal Mission in life

Book my “90 Day Purpose” COACHING Fabulously VIP Program Now for an investment of $187 per month
*Payment Plans Available*

Undecided or not quite ready for a 90 Day Commitment?

Are you ready to get serious about your Purpose? Aren’t you tired of the motivational rollercoaster taking you nowhere?

 For a LIMITED TIME ONLY! I’m offering 30 – 30 Minute Power Purpose Sessions for $47

Life happens to the best of us, it’s inevitable.  You’re possibly in a mental, emotional and spiritual drought left feeling lost and confused. Do you believe you know what your purpose is but don’t understand how to get started or what to do next? Maybe what you need is a power boost of advice to get you moving in the right direction towards purpose and fulfillment. Many of you with high hopes, set goals at the beginning of the New Year but due to lack of an effective strategy and proper planning, those goals now appear to be unachievable. Frustration and disappointment have forced you to put your goals on the bottom of the to-do list, AGAIN!  It is not meant for you to stay in this place! We’re just in the middle point of Q3 and you still have time to start and accomplish what you desire in 2018. Why am I pushing you to start in the middle of the year instead of allowing you to wait until the new year? Because if you get your mind right now, you can accomplish even the smallest of your goals and be prepared to set news and act on them before 2019. July, the 7th month is a month to do what I call “put an end to it”. You should have taken time in July to put an end to some hindrances standing in the way of your success so that you can be ready, and available for a new beginning. August, the 8th month signifies a new beginning. Something new is happening and you’ll miss out on it if you aren’t prepared to act.

This Power Purpose Session with Purpose Coach, Nameica Craig offers you the opportunity to lay it all on the table. You’ll voice your concerns, talk about your dreams, goals, desires, fears and major hindrances standing in the way of your success. I’m here not only to listen but to partner with you in developing a process designed distinctly for pushing you into forward action.

For an Investment of $47, I will help map out your personalized“I DID IT” Process of Improvement Blueprint with the promise to:

  • Invent Your Mission
  • Develop Clarity of Your Vision
  • Identify Your Seasonal Purpose
  • Define 3 Obtainable Goals
  • Incorporate Next Steps
  • Target a Strategic Action Plan

 Need more time? Schedule an affordable 60 Minute “Call to Purpose” Coaching Session where I will take you deeper below the surface to address areas of opportunities and uniquely craft an outline for your future coaching needs in addition to mapping out your personalized “I DID IT” Process of Improvement Blueprint. (For new clients only)

Schedule my 30 Minute Purpose Power Session $47 or 60 Minute Call To Purpose Session $97 

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